In my house as a kid, Easter meant rebirth.
Things were made new again. We usually just finished our Spring cleaning, we probably got a fresh haircut, and it was one of only three times out of the year that we were sure our parents would buy us new clothes.
Easter came each year after having just survived Winter. That was a reminder that if you tough out adversity you can again hit your stride... and shine once more.
To me this is what Foobie Fitness is all about. A new hope... getting even better.
That's why Foobie's mission is so important and why I look for ways to support this group in their projects, events and fundraisers.
Thank you all who are involved.

BVR is excited to be hosting the 5 for 5 for Foobie event beginning May 5th and continuing through June 5, 2015.

Please take the time to learn what Foobie Fitness is about, and perhaps grab some friends to support helping out with this forgotten need.


                                                     Visit Foobie:



Watch the series of videos of Coach Casey as she discusses challenges she has met head on.